ket order06-04-2019
b▓reakers, China aims to ensure a reliable mark
et environment for those who abide by the rules.The Ministry of Commerce on Saturday o

utlined factors f▓or consider

or related industries, and▓ whether it poses actual or potential threats ▓to China's national security, according to t▓he ministry.The timely countermeasure is a rightful answer to the unjustifiable clampdown on Chinese entities and a stro

ng defense of the rules-based multilateral trading system.Some cou▓ntries have imposed discriminatory measure▓s such as blocking and cutting supplies on ▓Chinese firms for non-commercial purposes. Putting a "national security" ta

g on such actions could not w▓hitewash their fouls as abuses of long-arm jurisdiction mea▓sures and typical cases of state will trampling ▓on market forces.The legitimate rights and i▓nterests of Chinese companies have been damage▓d, and the costs are being passed on to the global industry and supply chains as the

ation in listing unrel

world econom▓y is highly interwoven. Many more companies and consumers could suffer losses.Without a normal order, things could go terribly wrong. The unreliable entities list is also expected to deter similar breaches

of international economic and trade rules as w▓ell as the multilateral trading system.The best way to contain

unreliable entities is to enforce the rule of ▓law. When they are flagged, the rule-abiding firms can by▓pass the business landmine field.The list also underscores China's commitment to creating a better business environment. As China keeps widening its opening-

iable foreign

up, it has also devoted great effort▓s to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests ▓of both domestic and foreign companies.China will keep making things easier for foreign companies that comply with law▓s and rules.

The negative list for ▓foreign investment is getting shorter and shorter, and legal protection of fo▓reign investment is growing stronger. By punishing▓ rule-breakers, a stable, fair and susta▓inable

order of trade between enterprises can be ensured an▓d a reliable business environment maintained▓. Please scan the QR Code to follow us ▓on Insta

entities to warn

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on Mexico "wakeup call" to global markets, says U.S. economistTrump's new tariffs on Mexico "wakeup call" to g▓lobal markets, says U.S. economistTrump's new tariffs on Mexico "wakeup call" to global market

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